Friday, July 24, 2009


I discovered that Wing IDE has beta releases with Python 3.1 support and have been using them to debug my code. My unit tests for my subprocess.Popen changes now work flawlessly on both Linux and Windows. The only things holding me back now are issues with stdout being opened in text mode by libc. See the following message from Amaury on Python-Dev:

> Ah so any streams opened in text mode on Windows will read '\n' newlines as
> '\r\n'?

No, it is the libc stdout which is opened in text mode. This simple program:
int main() {
when run like this:
program > out
will create a file ending with \r\n.

ReadFile and WriteFile (and other functions from the win32 API) are
unaware of this, and faithfully transmit the bytes without
This is causing my unit test for my file wrapper to fail; all of my '\n' newlines are converted to '\r\n.' I would greatly appreciate suggestions on how to deal with it as well as using ctypes or adding to _subprocess.c. If you are not subscribed to Python-Dev, you can view the community's discussion on whether ctypes or C code would be a better solution at this link;

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