Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Not Far From The Tree

Now that my implementation of subprocess.Popen is complete and unit tested, I will be moving on to moving my changes to Python 3.1. I just compiled Python 3.1 on Debian, all modules included, and pdb is still mal-functioning so if the code conversion isn't as smooth as I anticipate, I will be using print statements to debug which is a bit difficult due to the nature of subprocess.Popen.

The license of my project has been changed from GPL to Apache License 2.0 so that there is a chance of it being integrated into the Pytohn core. There are still some issues that I may have handled incorrectly as far as my subprocess.Popen file wrapper goes, mainly handling the "mode" argument that is used when one opens a file. Right now, it is mostly ignored, the exception being universal newline support.

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